I used to be a regular 9-to-5 office worker. The first time I joined the gym, I had a goal. The goal was simply to maintain my health. Then I started to do boxing, weight training, cardio training, and yoga. At first, I liked the feeling of sweat after the workout, and the muscle soreness after training. I was happy. But then, after a while, I started to lose my motivation to exercise. In 2020, when the world was hit by COVID-19 pandemic chaos, I decided to quit my job and return to my lovely hometown, Kaohsiung City. And, this is where my journey begins. 

After coming back from Taipei, I was still working out at regular gyms. Then, I found CrossFIt X Ray. As soon as I walked into the gym,  I saw people flying up and down, doing muscle ups. I had never seen anything like this type of training. I was suddenly amazed by it and wanted to be like them. But, I soon realized that in order to do a muscle up, you have to first be committed to many things: training, building muscle strength, skill and drill practice, day after day. With this realization, suddenly my motivation to exercise returned.

To me, I’m impressed by the ability of what CrossFit coaches do during the group class. CrossFit coaches are able to scale athletes in a variety of ways. And, to me, the most important part is when you are pushing yourself during the workout, you are never alone. You are surrounded by your coach and your workout buddies, cheering you on, making it to the finish line. This atmosphere gives me energy, and makes me feel that I can do it, too. With that, I invite you to be part of this community. I assure you, your fitness journey will improve and you’ll probably have some fun, too!

Coaching Credentials

  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer